Even though the times have changed, the Bible is more relevant today than ever.

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God is always seeking you. Every sunset. Every clear blue sky. Each ocean wave. The starry hosts of night. He blankets each new day with the invitation, ‘I am here.’

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Can’t contain my excitement.

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54 days…

| 17 days!

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Because he makes my heart feel at home.

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Oddly enough, it’s the storms that whisper His name, the storms that make His presence most known. So prepare yourself when the seas of life begin to grow restless, because you might be getting ready to encounter God; what a heartbreakingly beautiful thing it is to behold.

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This has been a long journey, to say the least, but we have kept God first through it all and I couldn’t be happier. So worth the wait… And I only have to wait 18 more days.

Can’t wait to do life with you. Yes, because even on the cloudy days, life will be sunny with you.

And all the mornings we could have together spent talking, eating, laughing, snoozing a little longer, and just enjoying each other; I want all these things.

I want those mornings where we both don’t know what’s going on, the sleep still clinging to our very bodies, begging for us to return to our beds.

I want those days where you kiss me awake, and I see your puffy face smiling back at me.

I want to brush aside the hair that has fallen down your beautifully worn face. I want to kiss you until we remember that we are late for work. I want to hold you until it is noon, and we have wasted all the hours of our day; but it will be time well invested.

I want these things, those moments of living life, where it was once silent and alone; is now spent with another soul next to me.

I want them; and I want them with you.

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If we want to know the glory of God, if we want to experience the beauty of God, and if we want to be used by the hand of God, then we must live in the word of God.

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